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Published in Canadian Geographic Calendar

This winning image was captured on the Dempster Highway with the Richardson Mountains in the background. The Dempster Highway is the Highway to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada.
The Dempster Highway is gravel and is 737.5 km long starting at Klondike Corner ending in Inuvik. It was a very windy day and you can see snow blowing across the road.

This photo is also published in two Canadian Geographic Calendar 2019

Finalist in Canadian Geographic "Great Trail" Contest

This Images was captured on Highway 44, North of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was a very windy day and the snow was blowing across the highway making it very slippery. There were a few vehicles in the ditch been blown of the highway. Luckily I always carry my Canon with me and I used this opportunity to capture a few Images.


"I am pleased to let you know that your photo, attached, has been selected as a FINALIST IN CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC AND CPAC'S SHOW US THE RIDING PHOTO COMPETITION."

This Image was captured on the Dempster Highway in Northwest Territories, Canada about an hour North of Inuvik.

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